Iranian Citizens

پیام مهم :بخش روادید و مهاجرت در سفارتخانه کانادا در ایران (تهران) بسته است.

بخش روادید سفارتخانه کانادا در ترکیه مسئول پردازش درخواست های مربوط به روادید برای شهروندان و افراد مقیم در ایران است.

Temporary Visa Procedure for Iranian Residents

Since the closure of Canadian Visa office in Tehran, the Visa Office at the Canadian Embassy in Ankara is now responsible for all applications from Iran.

All visitor, student, temporary worker and permanent resident travel document applications already submitted at the Visa Office in Tehran will be shipped in the upcoming weeks to the Visa Office at the Canadian Embassy in Ankara for finalization.

This transition takes time and, naturally, it will cause delays in reviewing applications. If the applicant’s request for a visa is granted, Ankara embassy will inform the applicant or his legal representative to come to the visa office in Ankara to submit passports for visa issuance. More details as to passport drop off will be announced in a letter to the applicant.

Applicants who intend to apply for a temporary visa can apply to the Canadian Embassy in Ankara and Istanbul.

Canadian Embassy has announced that new applications will be placed in a queue and will be processed after the cases that have already been delivered in Tehran are processed. The applicant does not need to send original passport along with their application.

Iranian applicants can pay the fee for temporary resident application in Iran. Processing fees can be paid in Canadian Dollars at our Center.

Applying for Entry to Canada as a Visitor

Applying for entry to Canada is often easier said than done. If you come from a country that is not visa exempt, you will be required to obtain prior authorization to enter Canada. This means obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) for authorized period of stay in Canada. A Temporary Resident Visa, more commonly known as a Visitor Visa, are for those that require this authorization to enter the country.

Before coming to Canada you should research to find out whether or not your country is considered visa exempt. Only certain countries have a status while the majority will require a Temporary Resident Visa for entry.

As you are applying for temporary document you must demonstrate the temporary nature of your visit. Whether your visit may be for travel and tourism, visiting family, or simply coming to see what Canada is all about – you will be required to demonstrate or satisfy an officer that you will exit the country upon your authorized period of stay. This is done by demonstrating ties your home country. Any temporary document that you may wish to apply for to Canada requires this. However, a Temporary Resident Visa, more so than others, is hinted on this fact.

Some people who have successfully entered Canada have overstayed their welcome and have remained in Canada illegally. Canada is working diligently to prevent this situation and therefore officers scrutinize Temporary Resident Visas more so than most applications.

You may meet all requirements for the Temporary Resident Visa, however, if you do not adequately demonstrate that you will exit at the end of your authorized stay, a Citizenship and Immigration officer making a decision on your matter will most likely refuse your application.

You can demonstrate ties your home country by showing that you have connections to your community through memberships, property ownership or lease agreements that require an ongoing commitment. Family ties such as your immediate family or any other ties that you might be able to think of. Do not discount any information as relevant. The more information you can provide to this effect the better as it will help strengthen your case.

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